About CBD Tinctures

Cannabidiol tinctures popularly known as CBD tinctures have become the new buzz word for people working in the field of medicine. Over the last few years, CBD has proved to be one of the biggest booms for the medical sector. Whenever patients visit a doctor and complain of chronic pains and other complications they are prescribed with pharmaceuticals that are supposed to provide relief to the patient, but some of them do not succeed in the process and tend to have side-effects.

A CBD tincture is a chemical compound that has several medicinal properties. It is derived from the cannabis plant, it is not of an intoxicating nature and it possesses multiple therapeutic benefits. It consists of water, various essential vitamins (such as vitamin C, B12, etc.), herbs, sweeteners, melatonin, and basil oils such as basil and lavender. 

Recent studies on CBD tinctures have shown that it can be used to treat complex physical disorders including hyperglycemia, artery blockages, cancer cell growth, insomnia, nervous system degeneration, psoriasis, bacterial growth, bone degeneration, seizures, convulsions and chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting, low appetite, inflammation and muscle spasms.  

CBD is also said to affect brain activities uniquely and hence is also used in psychiatric treatments such as PTSD, panic disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder popularly known as OCD.

If we compare CBD tinctures to other medicines that are used for treating the above-mentioned complexities, it is seen that most medicines have a shelf life ranging between a few months and some up to 2 to 3 years. On the contrary CBD tinctures have a shelf life of a couple of years and can be preserved for a much longer period, however, it is to be noted that the quality of the CBD tincture slowly begins to degrade as the product begins to age. However, there are various kinds of preservatives available to increase the shelf life of a CBD.

A CBD tincture offers multiple benefits to the consumer, which includes the following:

  1. Helps in reducing psychological effects such as anxiety, stress, palpitations, PTSD, OCD and insomnia
  2. It can be used as a possible treatment for epilepsy thereby playing the role of an anti-seizure
  3. CBD can also be used as a neuroprotective in treating Parkinson’s disease, strokes, Alzheimer and multiple sclerosis
  4. It can also be used as a pain killer for muscular pains, arthritis, chronic pain and spinal cord injuries
  5. CBD helps to reduce inflammation in the human body and can be used as a treatment for acne problems.
  6. In many cases, it has been seen that the ingestion of CBD tinctures can reduce cancer-related symptoms. However, it is not a cure for cancer. 

CBD Tincture versus CBD oils:

People usually misunderstand the CBD tincture and CBD oil as the same that is because they are packed in a similar way and also solve the same purpose. However, there exists a thin line of difference between the two. You should check it out Blaze CBD to learn more about how CBD Tincture differs from other.

While CBD tincture can be consumed directly or mixed with other food products and they have a better taste in terms of flavor as they are available in a variety of flavors such as blueberry, pineapple, lemon, mint, chocolate and other flavors. On the other hand, CBD oil is ingested by the vape method as it has an unpleasant taste hen consumed. The CBD tinctures have a longer shelf life period than compared to the CBD oil.

The consumption of CDB tincture and oil are said to be discreet. Both the oil and tincture have negligible psychoactive impacts.  Studies that have suggested that CBD tinctures are a safe, powerful, natural treatment for health-related issues.  However, it might not be suitable for all patients. An over-dose might be harmful and may lead to certain side-effects or lead to further complexities such as diarrhea, changes in the appetite and weight of the person, increases fatigue, hallucinations, dizziness, depression and low blood pressure. 

It has been scientifically proven that in cases where pharmaceuticals have failed, CBD tinctures have succeeded in providing relief to patients who have been suffering from chronic pain and anxiety issues. That is why CBD tinctures have conquered the hearts of its patients across the globe.